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We're not just returning to the office, we're exploring a whole new world! Employee expectations, priorities, and preferences have changed, and this toolkit will help you create a new-and-improved workplace reality: survey the lay of the land, identify opportunities to support employees, and make the most of your return-to-work transition. 
mission control

A field guide to securing executive support for workforce wellbeing

The first step to a successful mission is getting executives excited about change. Even promises of a better employee experience leading to an improved bottom line can be a hard sell! Here's a step-by-step guide to getting C-suite buy-in.


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The psychological safety checklist

Employees are anxious about returning to the office, stressed about their health and safety, and feeling untethered by the ongoing disruption to their routines. Do you have what it takes to provide a psychologically safe work environment?



Grokker experts lead the way

In this 5-part Grokker series - available without an account - our top experts provide peace-of-mind advice for a safe, mindful re-entry to the office! Learn what to expect, how to reduce anxiety, and how to craft a healthy wellbeing-centric office culture with your colleagues.


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Customizable survey template

Want to ask for employee feedback? We'll get you started with a variety of fully customizable survey questions! Pick and choose what’s right for your workforce and use the results to identify opportunities to better meet your employees’ workplace re-entry needs.

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The welcome back video playbook

Hear from Grokker's Director of Customer Success, sharing insights, resources, and ideas for planning a healthy office "homecoming" based on the latest research, emerging best practices, and sneak peeks into what top employers are doing to prepare to welcome their workforce back to the office.

Workplace Re-Entry Toolkit