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Employers are desperate for answers on how to support employees' mental health. 

While organizations are beginning to dismantle the mental health stigma and casting a refreshing degree of normalcy around all-things-mental-health, we're bracing for what many are referring to as the next pandemic: a surge in issues like anxiety, depression, and substance abuse related to the collective trauma of the past 18+ months.

Find the answers in our webinar, Mental Health: Bracing for the Next Pandemic, with Medical Consultant and Physician Advisor, Dr. Ron Leopold, MD, MBA, MPH and Grokker’s VP of Business Solutions, Dan Graovac.

They bring together the latest medical insights and HR trends to help you understand how employees are experiencing mental and emotional distress and determine what workforce mental health support strategies are working best for top employers today.

You’ll discover:

  • How the causes and symptoms of stress have evolved through the pandemic era and what we can expect moving forward
  • The implications of mental health distress on physical health — and the impact on employee engagement and productivity 
  • Insights from Grokker Innovation Labs’ 2022 Working Americans’ State of Stress research