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Grokker Guides is an evidence-based solution that makes mental health care accessible and approachable for workforces with our unique approach. Learn how we are supporting millions and changing lives at scale at a fraction of the cost of clinical treatments.

  • One

    Depression has many faces. No one knows my struggles.

  • stress1
    I can't handle the stress anymore
  • Anxiety
    Anxiety is taking the joy out of my life
  • Four
    How do I manage my anger, my co-workers are avoiding me?
  • Mood disorders
    I hate how my body looks. How do I feel good about myself?
  • Schizophrenia
    Could I have depression? Why do i get so many mood swings? 
  • Psychotic Disorders1
    Seeing my patients suffer is deeply impacting me. How do I work?
  • Depression
    I am mentally exhausted due to stress at work but I can't show it to my family. They depend on me. 

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How Guides Works

Grokker Guides are run by licensed clinical psychologists who help members tackle mental health issues in a fully guided 30-day experience that combines live sessions with a proprietary “three-steps a day” plan.

Designed as 30-day cohorts, Guides are led by licensed experts who put you on a path to relief with a proprietary “3 -steps a day” plan. Your Guides meet with you weekly via live video sessions and keep you on track with daily check-ins, and community.
The 30-day plan is rooted in clinically-evidenced and proven techniques like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. It is designed to fit into busy lives with three simple steps a day for mind, body, and mood that take 15 minutes or less. 
At the end of the Guide, you measure progress with a self assessment and get the next steps and tools to stay on track. Members continue on a path to wellbeing with Grokker's holistic wellbeing suite with resources for mental health, physical health, weight, nutrition, sleep, and financial wellbeing. 

Support Your Employees With a Solution That  Meets Them Where They Are. 

Accessible and Approachable Mental Health Care   

Access to Licensed Professionals Faster 

Evidence-Based Support that Fits into Busy Lifestyles

Lifelong Tools to Support Through Life's Changing Needs

Trusted Connections to Remove Stigma through Community 

 Mental Health Crisis Prevention at Scale

Change that is just as meaningful
as it is measurable

My husband lost his job and his new job now pays waaaay less. His worries are projected in silent anger and that triggers me. I would go off on a tangent in my head for hours. The worry tree my guide taught me has really helped me. It keeps me grounded on what is real worry and what I can ignore.

My older son struggles with anxiety. Thank you for this program and your expertise. It is helping me understand how I can support him and also manage the domino effect this is having on my family.

I was surprised by the results of the assessment. I felt I was doing "better" than the assessment indicated. This explains the constant struggle to stay focused and the feeling of restlessness.

Starting September 11

Hello, I'm Dr Victoria Uwannah

When Stress get the better of you, you need a Guide to get you out of it.
Join my Stress-Less Survival Guide to:

  • Learn Simple De-Stressers
  • Understand Panic and Overwhelm
  • Establish Priorities
  • Create Boundaries and Time for Yourself
  • Reinforce Anti-Stress Habits
Starting October 16

Hello, I'm Dr Catherine Wikholm

Your Guide to Thriving Beyond Anxiety.
Join me in this Guide to:

  • Find Immediate Relief
  • Understand Your Anxious Brain
  • Build Anti-Anxiety Habits
  • Expand Your Comfort Zones
  • Measure and Next Steps