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How to give managers what they need to cultivate team purpose, belonging, and balance

Whether it was created or accelerated by the pandemic, there’s an unsettling sense of listlessness, fatigue, and discontent that has led to somewhat of an existential crisis for workers.

Burned-out and quitting their jobs in pursuit of greater satisfaction and fulfillment elsewhere — or at least disengaging to the detriment of their teams — far too many valuable employees are leaving organizations with a workforce attraction and retention crisis like they’ve never known.

The bright side? Managers. Watch this webinar, featuring insights from Grokker Innovation Labs’ brand-new 2021 Frontline Industries’ Leadership Sentiments Report and a number of third-party studies examining workforce trends.

You’ll come away with actionable steps you can take to help your team leaders tackle their top team priorities and make your employee value prop more competitive.

You’ll discover:

  • What’s behind the quitting-as-self-care trend — and how to get in front of it
  • What to do when managers are part of the turnover problem
  • Ideas for supporting meaningful and culture-boosting connections between leaders and teams

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