Reduce employee financial stress in 7 easy steps


Bite-sized videos

Master the fundamentals of financial wellness in short 5-minute videos daily. Go at your own pace.

Mobile-friendly content

Learn about financial health on any device, whenever is best for you. Make your commute productive. Study on a lunch break.

Direct access to experts

Talk to Grokker financial wellness expert as you are learning to manage your money better. Get personalized feedback.


7 Steps To Financial Wellness

Empower employees to better manage their money and reduce their financial stress via series of informative, fun videos. This program includes insights from Grokker financial expert, Manisha Thakor to:

  1. Live within your means
  2. Master budgeting 101
  3. Practice joy-based spending 
  4. Deal with debt
  5. Save for emergencies 
  6. Secure your retirement 
  7. Talk about money with your honey

Upon completion, your employees will better understand exactly how much money they have coming in, where it is going out, and how to make smarter choices about their finances moving forward. 



What our experts say...

Employees are sometimes fearful to tackle their finances, yet they are a significant point of stress that needs to be addressed.
Manisha Thakor CEO of MoneyZen Wealth Management
At Grokker, we take a holistic approach to employee health and meet employees wherever they are in their wellness journey. Financial wellness is a critical stressor for many employees, especially millennials who are facing unprecedented financial challenges today.
Lorna Borenstein CEO of Grokker Inc.