Finally. A wellness solution that actually works.

Grokker’s total wellness program will excite your workforce and unite them in health.

  • Engaging. Grokker’s patented, behavior-changing technology makes employee participation easy and fun. 
  • Risk-free. Implement with confidence. Stakeholders can see the entire year’s program laid out upfront. 
  • Turnkey. We give you everything you need to get employees on-board and keep them engaged: videos for every level, a wellness calendar with pre-written company-wide emails, and motivating team challenges and incentives throughout the year. 
  • Measureable. Get ready to be the hero. We help you calculate a baseline for employee wellness so you can give stakeholders a clear justification for their investment and budget allocation.

Your employees are on their own personal wellness journey - meet them where they are and grow with them as they change!



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"Grokker has completely exceeded our expectations. As a newer person to the organization, I didn't know what would engage DCL employees. The employees love the variety of content on the site! They especially love the quick wellness break videos they can do at their desk. I would absolutely recommend Grokker to any company."

-Nicole Cole, Human Resources, DCL Logistics