Achieving a sense of balance and connection can be challenging in today's world, but Grokker's Employee C.A.R.E. Package makes it easy for you to provide the trusted, quality physical, emotional, and financial health resources your employees need — and it's available to you at no cost for a limited time. This 30-day program supports and encourages your team to become healthier and happier by empowering them with a personalized plan, daily inspiration, and inclusive content to improve their wellbeing while connecting with others on the same journey.
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Aggregated data reporting on program engagement, employees' physical and mental health, top stressors, and more.*

Weekly wrap-up reports. Easy-to-read overviews help chart your team’s progress, identify areas of improvement, and highlight where they still need more support. Includes recommendations and ideas for next steps as well as tips to incorporate wellbeing into your workforce culture. 

Free 20-minute consultation. Your Grokker Team Motivation Coach will walk you through your program's results, delivered in a professional report you can confidently share your progress with your team and others.

*Reporting features and consultation available to companies with 3,000+ employees

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Give them the tools they need to care for themselves and connect with each other through wellbeing. The result is employees who know they’re cared for, feel more resilient, connected, and engaged.

30 days of Grokker. Unlimited access to Grokker’s award-winning wellbeing solution, engagement tools, and inclusive community.

A personalized action plan. Based on the results of their Worker Wellbeing Index survey, Grokker will arm them with recommendations for rich, engaging content within Grokker’s platform to help them thrive and feel better about their work and life right now.

Built-in inspiration. A daily delivery of motivation, fresh content, and weekly journey challenges to engage them in friendly competition.

Show You C.A.R.E.

How it works


This program is designed to help you support your senior managers — and their people — during these challenging times.

Fully secure and completely turnkey. Executed on your behalf by Grokker, the program doesn't require research, investment, implementation, or integration with other systems.

Strengthens your workforce culture. This employee-first program demonstrates care and commitment to your people when it matters most.

A proven, effective approach. Grokker’s on-demand wellbeing engagement solution is trusted by the largest and most innovative global employers including eBay, CVSHealth, Target, Dominos, Delta Air Lines, Pfizer, and GE.  



Gain insight into your team's state of mind during this difficult transitional period and emerge with a blueprint for ongoing success.

Communications Toolkit. A digital library of multimedia assets making it easy to promote the program with your team.

Insights into your team's needs and progress. Anonymized insight into program adoption and engagement metrics, with ongoing customized updates, coaching, and progress monitoring to help you understand and support employees. 

A happier, healthier, and more connected team. Your people will feel heard, cared for, and empowered with personalized plans of action and the engaging resources they need to feel their best — body and mind. 

Show You C.A.R.E.

Showing you C.A.R.E. is as easy as one, two, three:

  1. Complete the short form below. Within one business day you will receive a signup link for distribution to employees and a Communications Toolkit with a library of multimedia assets for promotion to your team.

  2. Enroll your team. Employees will be asked to provide minimal info to set up their account and complete an Initial Worker Wellbeing Index Survey to personalize their 30-day journey, after which they will receive an overview of their current state of physical and mental health, and a personalized program designed just for them.

  3. Employees receive Daily Inspirations, invitations to join weekly Journeys, and unlimited access to Grokker’s full wellbeing solution and gamification features, keeping them engaged and active. You get weekly wrap-up reports with recommendations and tips for improvement as well as a 20-minute consultation with your Grokker Team Motivation Coach at the program's conclusion.*

    *Reporting features and consultation available to companies with 3,000+ employees

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