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Support your front-line managers and employees!

Grokker Innovation Labs set out to get a better understanding of what constitutes the type of employer/employee relationship that drives a truly outstanding employee experience that keeps people feeling valued, cared for, and engaged for the long-term. 

In this report, explore the research data and insights employers need to “get on the same page” as their workforce and support them in ways that help not just overcome today’s challenges of burnout and turnover, but get ahead of the curve and start designing a brighter future for everyone. 

You’ll discover:

  • How managers can effectively deal with with the challenges of workforce burnout and turnover 18+ months into the pandemic
  • Why there’s a mismatch between what employers are offering and what employees are willing to take
  • Best practices and emerging opportunities for managers to strengthen both team culture and working relationships

Research Cover Image - Wellbeing Report