How Grokker dramatically improved stress levels and productivity for school district employees

Case Study: Schools Insurance Group

An insurance provider for 34 school districts across the Pacific Northwest utilized Grokker's video-centric wellness solution to lower employee stress and increase productivity. 


easily fit Grokker into busy lives
more focused and productive
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The Problem

Schools Insurance Group employees were stressed out.

“We heard over and over again from our employee surveys that they needed stress relief,” said Schools Insurance Group Wellness Manager Amy Gonnella. “That feedback lined up with reports from our health carriers and research showing that teaching is a high-stress, high-burnout industry.”

It wasn’t just teachers who needed help. Schools Insurance Group (SIG) works with teachers, bus drivers, nutrition personnel, and maintenance workers across 34 school districts in the Pacific Northwest. SIG needed a stress-reduction program that would work for every employee and location. Plus, the solution needed to adapt to fit each employees’ unique well-being needs.


Our Solution

Grokker’s holistic solution easily addressed the diverse needs of SIG’s employee population. To meet SIG's stress-reduction goals, we prescribed targeted wellness challenges timed during high-intensity work months. For example, we planned a custom, 21-day “soul-cation” challenge leading into the busy period before winter break. The challenge featured short meditation and relaxation videos to help employees manage stress during a busy time.

“We wanted employees to learn easy techniques that they could use daily at work and at home to manage their stress,” said Gonnella.

amy gonnella

The biggest question that I get is, ‘Can we keep this?’ The feedback has been incredibly positive and people are really excited about it.

Amy Gonnella

Schools Insurance Group


The Result

Thanks to Grokker, Gonnella says a “culture shift” has occurred. Teachers are using stress-relief techniques they learned from Grokker with children in the classroom.

  • 90% of employees say that SIG cares about their well-being
After 12 months using Grokker’s holistic health solution, stress is down and focus and productivity are up:

  • 84% of employees say that Grokker provides the flexibility they need for their busy lives
  • 64% of employees feel more focused and productive every day
  • 51% of employees experience less anxiety and have a calmer mind

“We have so many different people and so many different levels of health,” said Gonnella. “That's why Grokker has been a great fit. It’s whatever wellness means to you.”

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